Armada Skis JJ

2010 Armada JJ powder ski Armada Skis: Armada JJ 126-136-115-133-121 @ 185cm. The Armada JJ first caught our attention when we learned it weighed in at around four pounds per ski (1.96kg or 4lbs 5oz to be exact). Most skis in this width category push 5lbs (or more) per ski. The JJ uses what Armada Skis refers to as their “ultralight core,” and it combines generous tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot. Add sidewall construction and healthy dimensions, and you get an agile powder ski for the deepest of days.

“Wow” was the most common first impression of the JJ – related to both its lack of heft (we mounted it with Dynafit binders) and its on snow performance. The JJ impressed everyone who tried it. Can you say Powder Technician?

Sure, it is a quiver ski, and it is most at home in deep snow, but it is equally as fun at the ski hill as it is touring. Its positive camber underfoot gives it a carving ability not found in fully rocked out skis, seemingly without compromise in its soft snow performance. Overall, it is a lively short radius turner that was forgiving and fun in a variety of snow and terrain. It elicited many comparisons to the Voile Drifter (145-121-133 @ 172cm), and although the two skis do have similarities (light-weight, fat rockered boards), they are pretty different skis – more on the Drifter soon.