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The Pucker Factor – steep skiing on Mont Blanc

Here’s a ski vid with a high pucker factor; steep skiing on the Mont Blanc massif. Of course, it’s French. It’s actually a variation of a line first skied (are rarely repeated) in 1987 by Jean Marc Boivin. French skiers Yannick Boissenot, Nicolas Brunel, Titi Gentet and Stéphane Roguet first noticed the line while skiing in the Vallée Blanche. Read… Read More

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wapta traverse

The Wapta Traverse

The Wapta Traverse – A Canadian Rockies Classic High Pressure and bluebird conditions prevail and the views stretch as far as my eyes can see in all directions. Dozens of stunning, rocky peaks dressed in white vie for my attention. I wander the ridge toward the summit of a small peak near the Scott Duncan Hut and contemplate the surroundings…. Read More

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spring avalanceh hazard

Spring Avalanche Hazard

As winter transitions to spring, changes in the snowpack can take place at an alarming rate, catching even the most experienced skiers off guard. Spring avalanche hazard is every bit as important as winter. By the time March rolls around, the sun is significantly higher in the sky than it has been all winter. This increased sun angle can add… Read More

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chamonix couloir skiing

More Chamonix Couloir Skiing

Here’s some more Chamonix couloir skiing footage and an opportunity to practice your French! If the access and scenery in this clip don’t make you yearn to head across the Atlantic to explore the Alps, I’m not sure what will. It’s off the tram and into the big mountains.

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knowing when to dig avalanche basics

Knowing When to Dig – going beyond avalanche safety basics

I like to start a day of touring with an innocent sounding question; “Anyone know what the hazard is rated today?” This question is a very effective way to begin a conversation with your touring partners about the current avalanche conditions. I like to follow it up with something like; “Considerable, eh? What’s our main concern?” Now, with a discussion… Read More

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couloir skiing

Couloir Skiing – Euro Style

We’re not familiar with these guys, but they put together a pretty good little vid of couloir skiing in France. The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley is renowned for it’s steep ski opportunities. This couloir might not make the classics list, but it looks to have the requisite steep pucker factor to make a good vid. Add new snow, poor visibility and hand-shot pov ski… Read More

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