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mountain soles gear repair

Outdoor Gear Repair – Repair, Renew, Reuse

REPAIR, RENEW, REUSE All in a day’s work at Mountain Soles In an era of disposable products where cheaper equals better to many consumers, there stands a testament to quality and longevity in a small shop in Portland, Oregon. Mountain Soles, a fixture in Northwest outdoor gear repair since 1979, has been quietly repairing, altering and renewing quality outdoor footwear,… Read More

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rocker ski rack

Rocker Ski Racks

SKI RACKS Skis have a way of cluttering your garage, hallway, closet or wherever it is you happen to store┬áthem, especially if you are like me and have multiple – make that too many – pairs. We all know what happens when you simply lean your skis against the nearest available wall space – if they don’t fall over right… Read More

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Free The Powder leather Ski gloves

Free The Powder Leather Ski Gloves

Free the Powder Short Cuff Glove $60 I love leather ski gloves; some might even say I have a leather glove fetish. Kind of like socks, gloves are easy to collect and justify one more pair without really rattling the budget too much. Of course, gloves can be really expensive. I remember telling my mother about my first pair… Read More

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