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fritschi vipec 12

Fritschi Vipec 12 Binding Review

The Fritschi Vipec 12, having weathered a few initial glitches last season, hit the market in 2015 refined and I’ve spent the past couple months logging hours on the current model in the backcountry and at the ski resort. The bottom line is that Fritschi has set themselves up as a viable player in the tech-binding market and the Vipec offers… Read More

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ski test tuning

2016 Backcountry Skis – Ski Testing Part II

2016 backcountry skis – Ski testing part II In keeping with the first ski testing post’s focus on 2016 backcountry skis with 90-99 mm waists, here are a few thoughts on skis with waist widths in the 90’s. Generally speaking, for West Coast backcountry skiers, a mid-90’s waist on a backcountry ski is considered on the narrow side and remains a quiver… Read More

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2016 ski reviews

2016 Backcountry Skis – Ski testing part I

We’ve been running through an impressive line-up of 2016 backcountry skis for our annual ski test. Mt Hood served up a classic spring mix of new snow and sunshine to help with the test process. There’s really nothing like varied spring snow conditions to run a ski though the paces. We’ve made a concerted effort to focus on skis truly designed with… Read More

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burnie glacier chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet

Burnie Glacier Chalet Spring is underway in the valleys, but the mountains still harbor a taste of winter and that’s exactly what I got while visiting the Burnie Glacier Chalet outside of Smithers, British Columbia at the end of March. Located in the Howson Range on the east slope of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, Burnie delivered cold snow in the alpine… Read More

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powder creek lodge

Powder Creek Lodge

In this winter of lackluster storms and roller coaster temps around the West, I have learned one lesson over and over: the mountains always deliver. A mid-March trip to Powder Creek Lodge on the west slope of British Columbia’s Purcell Range was a great example of this lesson. The snow gods had been fickle for almost two full months, and so… Read More

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