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off-piste mag editors' choiceOur 2015 backcountry ski review is a fixture in the first issue of the season (due out Oct 15) but, to help fuel some winter dreams, we thought we’d share some of the details about a few favorites skis from testing. These are our official Editors’ Choice boards.  Subscribe now to get the October issue with our full reviews and lots more fun skis.

voile v6 skiVoile V6 – 124/100/109; 3.35kg / 7lb 6oz – The V6 defines all-conditions versatility and modern playful performance. Voile has found the magic balance between rocker, camber and taper. The ski’s combination of easy initiation, drift and carving earns it a solid quiver-of-one status. Testers described it as a “more playful V8” and a “utilitarian tool for backcountry adventure.” The V6 does it all with finesse.

La Sportiva Vapor NanoSportiva Vapor Nano – 130/103/120; 2.4kg / 5lb 5oz; Rocker profile: 392/375mm – La Sportiva sets a new bar for lightweight performance with the Vapor Nano. Truly feather light describes its feel in hand or underfoot. On snow, the ski exceeded performance expectations. Uber-light skis have their performance drawbacks, but the Vapor Nano rises to a new level of stability and power for its weight class.

volkl bmt 94Volkl BMT 94 – 122/94/112; 3.14kg / 6lb 14oz – Test notes ring of praise for the BMT (Big Mountain Touring) 94 applauding its responsive and ever so capable personality. Simply put, it performs larger and stouter than its dimensions and weight would have you expect. The BMT 94 holds its course in the funk, and it’s pure point-and-shoot when the snow is soft.

dps cassiar 95DPS Cassiar 95 – 129/95/116; 3.52kg / 7lb 12oz; Rocker Profile: 278/222mm – The Cassiar 95 is more traditional in shape than the Wailer series, providing more carve and less surf. DPS Pure3 Carbon construction and light rocker tip and tail deliver a lively turner well suited to ski mountaineering and spring touring where stable, confident carving is the order of the day. It walks the fine line between downhill power and uphill ease.

convertBlack Diamond Carbon Convert – 133/105/117; 2.9kg / 6lb 8oz; Rocker Profile: 370/280mm – Carbon construction gives the Carbon Convert an extra dose of responsiveness and performance above the regular Convert. Described as perky and agile in test notes, it offers a versatile blend of generous tip rocker and modest tail rise for quick turning, surfy fun. There is a bias for medium and shorter radius turns, making it at home in the trees and tighter terrain.

Prior Husume XTCPrior Husume xtc – 137/109/124; 3.79kg / 8lb 6oz – On the surface, the 2015 Husume is a responsive powder-minded ski that is right at home making medium and big radius turns in untracked snow. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find a ski that can be driven hard in any snow condition. Every time you push, this ski responds with more life. XTC construction keeps the weight down without performance compromise.

K2 Coomback 114K2 Coomback 114 – 140/114/118; 3.6kg /7lb 14oz – K2 tweaks the venerable Coomback’s size and shape to deliver the Coomback 114. The added width, tail rocker and new tail taper yield an increased responsiveness. Though still not what we’d call loose and drifty, the Coomback 114 was hailed by all as stable and easy to ski. The big platform charges through mixed conditions just like its namesake skier.

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