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dynafit radical

Trade show Highlights – Alpine Touring Tech Bindings

  A second area of growth and innovation of note at the trade show this year was in alpine touring tech bindings – the AT binding originally designed and popularized by Dynafit and noted for its lightweight, efficient design. The Dynafit design concept is now thirty years old and, a handful of years ago, the patent was allowed to expire. Ever… Read More

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altai kom backcountry ski

Hybrid Backcountry Ski – The Altai Kōm

The term backcountry skiing has evolved over the years to represent a broad category of skiing from descent-focused big mountain riding to light-duty rolling hill touring. But, for many, it still conjures images of lightweight, touring-friendly gear that’s adept on the uphill and the down  – the quintessential roots of backcountry touring. Interestingly, a few companies are bridging the descent-focused… Read More

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Backcountry skiing magazine

Off-Piste Mag – the backcountry skier’s magazine Issue 60, January 2014

Off-Piste Mag Issue 60, January 2014, is on its way to subscribers and shops this week! Inside, you’ll find the usual low-gloss backcountry skiing content for which Off-Piste Mag is well known from avalanche safety beta to honest and useful backcountry gear reviews. Issue 60 includes an interview with freeskier, farmer and frackticvist, Alison Gannett, part III of Zed, beta… Read More

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avalanche safety off-piste magazine

Avalanche Safety & Awareness

Avalanche safety has been making the news more than ever this season. Given a few  recent high profile avalanche accidents (Wyoming avalanche, Utah avalanche, BC avalanche) and a highly variable and generally shallow snowpack across much of North America, avalanche safety is on the minds of many. In addition, there’s more interest and effort than ever by the media and… Read More

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