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avalanche airbag pack reviews

Avalanche Airbag Pack reviews

Avalanche safety equipment has long revolved around what most skiers will agree are the three essential companion rescue tools – beacon, shovel and probe. Of course, having these tools in your pack doesn’t make you any safer unless you have the knowledge to use them and at least a basic understanding of how to recognize potentially hazardous conditions and terrain…. Read More

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Backcountry Skiing

Hankin Evelyn Backcountry Ski Area

Hankin Evelyn Backcountry Ski Area The idea of a dedicated backcountry ski area may sound like a contradiction of terms to many veteran backcountry users. But it’s a concept that has brought the backcountry ski community in Smithers, British Columbia together and launched a new concept in human powered skiing. The project is called Hankin-Evelyn and it revolves around creating… Read More

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Valhalla Forest Ski Segment

Valhalla Forest Ski Segment If you’ve seen the full Valhalla ski movie (which you should), the forest ski scene below likely elicited the thought, “How the heck did they do this?” Well, it sounds like we can actually find out, but not ’til next week when Sweetgrass is going to release a behind the scenes edit. In the mean time,… Read More

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Shane McConkey Movie – You have One Life. Live it.

Shane McConkey helped push the sport of skiing to new levels and is widely credited with innovating fat skis and rocker ski design. He also pushed the sport of BASE jumping into the public eye, pioneered ski-BASE jumping and, after watching the new movie McConkey – You have one life. Live it. by Matchstick Productions, you’ll appreciate that he was… Read More

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