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BCA Shaxe – Shovel meets Ice Axe

The latest backcountry shovel innovation to come across our desk is the BCA┬áShaxe – Shovel meets ice axe. Avalanche rescue shovels are a tool that backcountry skiers need to carry but really never want to deploy for their intended companion rescue purpose. Fortunately, shovels are also handy for digging out your car, truck or snowmobile when stuck, and several manufacturers… Read More

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One to look forward to: Into the Mind

Summer may be trying to kick into gear here in the Northwest but this ski movie preview was too good to pass up. Looks like the Sherpa Cinema crew has been busy filming and creating since they made All I Can. Check out the Into the Mind teaser to relieve the stress of summer . . . full movie due… Read More

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Tuesday Time Waster – Speed Riding

It’s been a while since we posted a Tuesday Time Waster vid clip, so here we go. Call it speed riding, call it para skiing, call it crazy. This skier takes it to a new level with the addition of barrel rolls . . .

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