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Powderwhore Interview

Powderwhore Productions, otherwise known as the Brothers Howell, are gearing up for the premier of their new film, Choose Your Adventure, tonight in SLC. These guys have been making backcountry ski films for eight seasons and have remained admiringly dedicated to the touring approach. I put together a few questions for them about the new film, the Wasatch and what… Read More

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Fall Larch color

Winter Stoke

  Ski Movie season is underway, and ski season is creeping closer. I recently attended the MSP film, Superheros of Stoke in Portland, and now the Powderwhore boys are hitting the road with their new ski film, Choose Your Adventure. The film premieres at Brewvies in Salt Lake City tomorrow, September 26, 2012. The Howell brothers will then embark on… Read More

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Pacific Decadal Oscillation Values

Pacific Decadal Oscillation – Say What?

What is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation? Dedicated skiers around North America have come to anticipate the news from climate researchers regarding ENSO (La Nina/El Nino) each season. Essentially a shift in sea surface temperatures in the Pacific – La Nina bringing cooler waters to the Pacific shores and El Nino bringing warmer waters – ENSO has proven to have a… Read More

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Tempting Fear – Ski Movie

Check out the following film trailer for Temping Fear, a ski film that documents a winter with Swedish ski mountaineer Andreas Fransson. Fransson has a gift for sharing his perspective on the risk, euphoria and philosophy surrounding his approach to high level ski mountaineerning pursuits. The movie appears to more than simple ski porn as it speaks through Fransson’s words… Read More

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Powderwhore Ski Movie Trailer 2012

The Howell brothers have released the trailer to their 2012 Powderwhore backcountry ski film, Choose Your Adventure. Choose Your Adventure features a cast of characters ranging from salty backcountry veterans to top industry pros. The film premieres at Brewvies in Salt Lake City on September 26, 2012 and will be followed by a 50 city tour through ski towns accross… Read More

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Tuesday Time Waster – Osprey Hunting

The three-day weekend has me a little late to the Tuesday Time Waster post, but better late than never here’s a wildlife video that leaves me wondering how the heck did they capture this footage…

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