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Cascade Volcano Skiing - Art by Jason Leslie

Mount Rainer Climbing Fees

Mount Rainier National Park just announced their new 2011 climbing permit fees. The new fee is now $43 (up from $30 last season). The permit is valid until December 31 of the year purchased, so if you are a regular user or are shut down on your first foray above 10,000 feet, you can try again with the same permit…. Read More

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2011 Backcountry Ski Testing

We have begun our annual ski testing for our 2011 ski review. March has proven (once again) to offer some of the finest skiing of the season around here, and we have been running skis through the ringer up at Mt. Hood. Our testing focuses on touring minded skis. In addition to the usual suspects, there are several new players… Read More

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Sweetgrass Productions – Episode II

Here is episode two from Sweetgrass Production’s 12-part webisode following the making of their two-year backcountry ski film project, Solitaire. Episode two sets the South American stage in Huaraz, Peru and explores the emotions of hopping off a jet plane into a world totally unlike your own. At the end of the day, most things that go into making a… Read More

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Telemark Festival

2011 Sven Glenn Telemark Race

This weekend is the annual Sven and Glenn Memorial Telemark Race at Stevens Pass. This year marks the 28th annual Glenn Race and the 4th annual Sven Race. The whole weekend makes for a great teleamrk festival event. The Sven Race, Saturday March 26, combines nordic skills with classic cross-country downhill technique.  Pay tribute to a longtime Stevens Pass local… Read More

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Old School Powder Skiing

I just stumbled accross this great old school powder skiing footage on the WorldWidetimeWaster. It is all skiing around the Red Mountain, BC area in the early 90’s. Funny, it just doesn’t sound that long ago, I must be getting old…either way, these folks are ripping it up!

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Voile Charger Ski and K2 Darkside ski

Backcountry Ski Reviews

Ski testing season is upon us. 2011 is our twelfth season of testing and reviewing backcountry skis. We have already been able to get on a few skis, but the bulk our testing happens in late March and early April. I will post more information about our ski line-up as they begin to arrive, but the list includes backcountry skis… Read More

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