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Solitaire – ski film from Sweetgrass Productions

Nick Waggoner and crew from Sweetgrass Productions recently announced a 12-part webisode series that chronicles the work on their new film Solitaire. Sweetgrass is the crew that brought us Signatures and Hand Cut. Here is what they have to say about the new webisode series: "On The Road with Solitaire" is a 12-part webisode series following Sweetgrass Productions in the… Read More

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More 2011 Gear News

There are several changes on the avalanche beacon front for 2011. Ortovox is now delivering the 3+ Avalanche Transciever that they showed last winter. The Ortovox 3+ is an innovative beacon that features three antennas and the ability to prioritze which antennas to use for transmit based on the beacons orientation. Like and camera or smart phone that can turn… Read More

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Dynafit Radical Binding

In other interesting product news form the tradeshow, Dynafit showed a new binding design evolution that they are calling the Radical. The Radical design uses newly designed toe and heel pieces. The new design creates new stops or towers on the toe that help with boot alignment, or in Dynafit’s words, allow for step-in functionality. The Radical also introduces new… Read More

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Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket for Women

Women’s Sidecountry Ski Jackets

Here is a guest blog from our web guru, Karen Holt. I decided I wanted an insulated ski jacket in my life this season. I often find myself skiing at the ski resort in my backcountry ski gear and, frankly, I am tired of wearing so many layers. My only alternative was to throw on my nice warm puffy, which… Read More

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2011 dynafit-skis(1)

More Backcountry Ski Gear news from the 2011 OR show

In other backcountry ski gear news, Voile announced a new ski at the show, the Vector BC. The Vector BC adds a waxless pattern base to the Vector. At 94mm underfoot, The Vector BC is the widest, most downhill oriented waxless ski yet to be offered by anyone. I have always been an advocate of wide waxless skis and find… Read More

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