Tumalo Butte, OR

Proposed Tumalo Backcountry Recreation AreaThe Winter Wildlands Alliance has a new action item of interest to backcountry skiers in the Bend, OR area. Local skiers are looking to create a dedicated non-motorized area around Tumalo Butte, called the Tumalo Backcountry Recreation Area.


Presented to Deschutes National Forest Supervisor John Allen on May 8th, 2008

Some winter recreationists (snowmobilers, dog sledders, and skate skiers for example) require marked trail systems, informational kiosks, ready-made maps, warming huts, groomed trails, and lodges. Backcountry skiers, snowboarders, and snowshoers however, neither require, nor desire, such amenities. Instead, they seek the naturalness, solitude, challenge and inspiration that is an integral part of the unaltered and non-motorized landscape.

Although the Three Sisters Wilderness can provide those values, the difficulty in traveling the distance limits wintertime access. Thus, as the Forest Service works to improve recreation opportunities for user groups requiring developed sites and trails in the Century Drive corridor, it is appropriate to also improve opportunities for those desiring undeveloped terrain.

Only by addressing current and projected user conflict can the Forest Service legally pursue an increase in snowmobile parking capacity. It is suggested the following action be implemented in conjunction with the forthcoming Kapka Butte Snopark proposal:

For the sake of public discussion, this is a proposal to create the Tumalo Butte Backcountry Recreation Zone. In reality, it is a simple byproduct of necessary actions required to manage increased snowmobile usage in the Century Drive Corridor.

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