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Winter Snow Forecast – ENSO, PDO and Optimism

Winter Snow Forecast 2016-17 UPDATE – October 15, 2016 – NOAA Climate Center moves back to La Niña forecast! Skiers and weather forecasters talk a lot about El Niño and La Niña when gazing into their crystal balls in search of the winter snow forecast. And for good reason, El Niño (warm Equatorial Pacific sea surface temperatures) and La Niña (cool Equatorial… Read More

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El Nino 2014-15 Update

NOAA recently released its most current El Niño 2014-15 update. And, no real surprise, it’s in a holding pattern that appears to favor a weak El Niño building by January. It’s about the same statement that was released a month ago. Of course, there’s plenty reason to question any long-range forecast. Nonetheless, I find myself compelled to read such discussions; it’s part curiosity… Read More

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La Nina Delivers in the Northwest winter 0708

ENSO La Nina El Nino

Following last winter’s banner snow season for much of the western US and the predominant La Nina influence that presided over the winter, I frequently hear talk of La Nina and El Nino, and how it may or may not impact the quality of our upcoming snow season. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) released its ENSO forecast discussion on October 9. The CPC is calling… Read More

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