Snowpack Data

The Northwest has been having an unusually cool and wet spring and summer this year. The temp outside my office is a mere 65 degrees and it is July 17! I am not really complaining. The weather has been great for riding and working outside.  Another side benefit is that our already healthy snowpack from the winter has been lingering much longer than normal. Cold temps mean slow melting snow. This means the summer skiing is better than normal, too.

Check out the following images and stats on the snowpack in the Northwest and beyond. These cool satelite images and weather geek maps paint an amazing picture of the snowpack. Volcano skiing anyone . . .

A July 7 report shows snow-water equivalents over 500% of average in the Northwest!

SNOTEL snow water equivalent

July 8 snow depth averages in the Northwest.

NOAA Snow Depth Map

NASA satelite image shows snowpack on July 6, 2011

Satelite image of july snowpack in the northwest

image credit NASA/GSFC, Rapid Response

SKi report coming next…