Plan your BC ski trips – Whistler, Rogers Pass, Selkirks

We love to ski in our local stashes but, when the road beckons, it’s hard to beat backcountry skiing in Canada. If you’ve got the itch to head north this winter, check out our reviews of the Whistler Ski Touring Guide, the Rogers Pass Winter Map and Chic Scotts Summits and Icefields 2 to help plan your ski roadtrip

Whistler, BC Ski Touring GuideThe Whistler & Area Ski Touring Guide provides a concise, backpack-friendly (though not pocket-friendly) introduction to the vast array of ski-touring options in the Whistler, British Columbia area. Clear descriptions, photos, and basic maps are provided for a handful of day trips starting

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Rogers Pass Ski Touring MapIn our digital age with GPS enabled phones and Google Earth, one might ask who needs a traditional folding map? Well, when it comes to remote, mountainous places a hardcopy map still trumps electronics for those who know how to read them. Modern technology can be awesome, but a map is a multi-purpose planning, navigation and entertainment tool…


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Summits and Icefields 2Those lucky enough to be familiar with Western Canada’s Columbia Mountains are sure to have their favorite haunts, but the rest of us must rely on the knowledge of others. And who better to get your advice from than ski pioneer Chic Scott and mountain guide Mark Klassen in their new guide to the Columbia Mountains, …

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