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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pro Bar



Pro Bar Energy Bars



I'm not much of a packaged energy bar user. I must have eaten too many back in the day. I eat them now and then - usually when I'm tapped out of food and the only thing available from a kind touring partner is a standard Clif bar or similar. I tend to travel with regular food and use the occasional gu or gel when desperate for a few calories to get me back to the barn. Recently, however, I got a box of Pro Bars to test. I had not seen or tasted these bars before, so I read the ingredient list and put them alongside a few gear items in the "to-be-tested" cabinet.


I've grabbed and eaten a few different flavors of Pro Bar now and, to my pleasant surprise, they're pretty darn good. They are definitely more real-food like than any other energy bar I have eaten in the past few years. The all-organic ingredient list full of real, pronouncable items and the flavors I've sampled thus far actually taste great, including an unlikley (in my mind) cocoa pistachio flavor. The whole berry is my favorite so far.


They are still energy bars, but the overall texture and taste is step above the routine options on the market. Pro Bars get my endorsement!


If you are keen to try 'em. PROBAR is offering a one-time 40% discount using the following link. Just enter the discount code “BLOGGER” when you buy directly from PROBAR at



1. Travis said...

Simply the best bar out there for a long day. I buy mine from Mountain Gear. Awesome!

2. brad said...

Hey Dave, we put these through the review process a few months back and they nocked it outta' the park - we agree, great product.

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