Hand Cut feeds the stoke for winter

Looking for a film that will get you stoked for winter, Hand Cut is it. Nick Waggoner of Sweetgrass Productions has created a film with imagery and a pace remeniscent of Bill Heath’s award winning ski film Sinners.

Hand Cut blends the blues music of John-Alex Mason (see sample tracks below) with excellent ski footage and dialog with old-time miners from around the mountainous west. The skiing is impressive, the music fits the mood, and the the dialog is subtle; the combination makes you want to watch it again. 

The movie premiered the other night in Aspen, CO to a full house at the Wheeler Theater. John-Alex Mason, the blues man who scored the film, kept the crowd rocking until 5am with his slide guitar and deep country vocals.

If you enjoy a ski film that steps out of the ‘ski-porn" mold, Hand Cut should be part of your collection. www.sweetgrass-productions.com

Enjoy the trailer and check out more music below . . .