Fall Snow and Avalanche Education Workshops

Snow and Avalanche Workshops - avalanche education

We’re all looking forward to winter and a great way to build the stoke and, believe it or not, learn something too is to attend one of the fall Snow and Avalanche Workshops that now happen in just about every region around the country. These avalanche education workshops are a great way to broaden your snow science and hazard evaluation skills.

The general setting is a gathering of snow and avalanche professionals for a one-day event sharing the latest research, accident studies and fresh takes on snow and avalanche related concerns. The events are open to professional and recreational snow aficianados alike, and there is something to be gained for all involved. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Northwest region, there’s even smoked salmon and beer for all involved in the event.

Fuel your winter stoke and sharpen your snow science brain cells at the same time. Here’s a list of the various events about which we have beta:

::  Oct. 4, 2013: CSAW, Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop, Leadville, CO
::  Oct. 12, 2013: NRASW, Northern Rockies Avalanche Safety Workshop, Whitefish, MT
::  Oct. 14-16, 2013: CAIC & AIARE Mtn Weather Workshop, Copper Mountain, CO
::  Nov. 1, 2013: South Central Alaska Avalanche Workshop, Anchorage, AK
::  Nov. 2, 2013: USAW, Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop, Sandy, UT
::  Nov. 3, 2013: NSAS, Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop, Seattle, WA
::  Nov. 9, 2013: Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop, North Conway, NH
::  Nov. 9, 2013: Southeast Alaska Avalanche Workshop, Juneau, AK
::  Dec. 2013: Sawtooth Avalanche Center Avalanche Workshop, Sun Valley, ID
::  Mar. 2014: Gallatin National Forecast Avalanche Workshop, Bozeman, MT
::  Apr. 2014: Sierra Avalanche Center Avalanche Workshop, Lake Tahoe, CA