Deep Powder and Steep Rock

Deep Powder and Steep Rock - the life of mountain guide hans gmoserA couple weeks ago I posted a piece about Bugaboo Dreams, a book about the evolution of the heli-ski industry and Hans Gmoser’s role in it. A blog reader turned me on to a new book focused on Gmoser’s life and mountain accomplishments by Chic Scott called, Deep Powder and Steep Rock.

The book arrived this week and looks great. Chic Scott, a successful writer and accomplished mountaineer in his own right, published this book himself. He did this because he found it was the only way he could guarantee the quality that he wanted. Well, from the little I have read so far and the books appearance, he set a high standard for quality . Deep Powder and Steep Rock not only looks great, but it is obvious Scott put his heart and soul into reseaching and writing it.

Chic Scott first met Hans Gmoser in 1963. Scott was 18 years old at the time and had the skiing and climbing bug. Gmoser was, at the time, the king of North American mountaineering. As Scott put it, “He put Canadian mountains on the map. He was one of the founders of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and was the founder of the sport of heli-skiing. Everyone working in the mountain adventure business in western Canada today owes their job to Hans.”

Following Gmoser’s death in 2006, his wife asked Scott to write a biography. Scott spent three years, researching, writing and publishing Deep Powder and Steep Rock. The book is 384 pages with over 380 images, and includes a DVD with three of Gmoser’s films made in the fifties and sixties. I will give a full report when I finish reading it. The book is avilable directly from Chic Scott’s website.