Dear Santa, We Want Snow

snow dance

Mother Nature is marching to her own drum thus this winter. The Northwest mountains have been uncharacteristically dry and sunny the past few weeks. Snowfall around much of the country has simply stalled out following a nice start to the ski season around Thanksgiving. Sounds like the ridging that has been delivering the dry, high pressure pattern has started to break down in British Columbia, but backcountry skiers further south and east will have to look to Santa for some fresh snow.

Mark Moore at the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center just wrote a great little verse summing up the latest mountain and weather conditions in the Northwest. Check it out . . .

Christmas Dreaming
A week before Christmas and thru much of the west—
Lies a shallow snowpack with facets to test.
But before this occurs and sleighs leave the North Pole—
The prevailing west winds need to get on a roll.
Recent ridges have dominated incoming storms—
Along with split flows that make the new norms.
But harken I hear happy bells on the sleigh—
Could it mean a late Christmas is at last on its way?
A bit early to tell, but models look quite alluring—
That colder deep snows we may soon be enduring.
So open your minds to let snowfall within—
For our dreams are a great place to begin.
But remember with snowfall comes a new load—
On all of those weak layers about which we’ve been told.
So increase your caution if your dreams all come true—
Don’t be found in the snowpack, all white and blue.

written by Mark Moore NWAC