Contagious Enthusiasm

With the first significant snowfall each season come the phone calls, emails and photos of many a friend who has made it out for their first turns of the season. Given my  role as the publisher and editor of Off-Piste Mag, the barrage of first turn tales is inescapable and helps fuel the fire for the season to come. Personally, I try to hold back the urge to get out with the first flakes of the season and like to wait for the snow to cover the stumps and downed trees.

That said, I only managed to hold off until the second significant snowfall this season before venturing into the hills on skis, and it was at the urging of my offspring that I decided it was time to check it out.

With an eight and four year old in tow, I did not hold lofty aspirations of peak bagging or record setting vertical, rather the day was about the basic task of hiking for a few turns, something neither of my kids has ever done.

Blue skies and cold snow were the order of the day, and the kids suited up with contagious enthusiasm. Our turns were modest, but the level of enthusiasm was off the hook. What a great way to start the season. Let it snow.