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one wasatch

Mountain Accord – One Wasatch Debate

Mountain Accord Seeks to Solve One Wasatch Debate deadline for comment extended to MAY 1, 2015 No one disputes that the Wasatch Mountains are a valuable resource, but the future of how to protect, preserve and best utilize the resources the Wasatch have to offer is the center of much debate.  Mountain Accord, a public process bringing together more than… Read More

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G3 ION binding review

G3 ION Binding Review

G3 ION Binding Review Although we skied the new G3 ION binding a little last spring and liked it, it wasn’t until this January that I’ve been able to mount and ski a pair for long-term use. The ION represents a full redesign of G3’s first tech binding, the Onyx, and it’s proving to perform well. Upon first glance, the G3… Read More

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climbing skin care tips

Climbing Skin Care Tips

Climbing Skin Care Tips Dysfunctional climbing skins are frustrating and can put an early end to your ski tour. Fortunately, most issues can be overcome in the field or, better yet, eliminated completely through proper skin care and use. The following climbing skin care tips will help keep your skins doing what they do best, going uphill. 1. Dry/clean skin glue is… Read More

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binding inserts

Binding Freedom Inserts

There are a couple of solutions available for skiers looking to swap between two sets of bindings on a single pair of skis or use one set of bindings on two pairs of skis, Binding Freedom and Quiver Killers. I recently installed a set of Binding Freedom inserts to accommodate Marker Tours and Dynafit Radicals on a set of skis…. Read More

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off-piste mag editors' choice

2015 Ski Reviews – Off-Piste Magazine

Our 2015 backcountry ski review is a fixture in the first issue of the season (due out Oct 15) but, to help fuel some winter dreams, we thought we’d share some of the details about a few favorites skis from testing. These are our official Editors’ Choice boards.  Subscribe now to get the October issue with our full reviews and lots… Read More

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