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Turns on Mt Hood

Viva La Nina!

Well, I wish I could claim that I made it out yesterday and took this shot, but alas, I was not able to rally for the snow window, but Jason Leslie, a regular contributor to the mag, was kind enough to share his turns with us. Mt. Hood received 30+ inches of snow this week and kicked off an early… Read More

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Primus EtaSolo Camp Stove

Primus EtaSolo Stove

I have used an MSR XGK or Whisperite stove in the backcountry for nearly two decades. This summer, I was turned on to the new wave of super efficient and light canister stoves pioneered by Jetboil. I was quickly impressed with the Jetboil’s efficency and functionality. Not to be out done by the new kid on the block, Primus, longtime… Read More

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