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Voile Charger Backcountry Ski

Sneak Peek at 2010 Ski Testing: Voile Charger

Voile’s introduced two new skis in Janauary 2010: the Charger – 134-112-123 ;  2.8kg pair (171cm); 171/181/191cm, and the Vector – 118-94-107; 2.7kg pair (170cm); 160/170/180cm. Both skis build on Voile’s Drifter design incorpating camber with moderate tip rocker and slight tail rocker. The Charger was a top pick in its size category during our testing. The ski is light,… Read More

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Skiing in Kyrgyzstan

I got an e-mail this spring about a group called 40 Tribes. Organized by Ryan Koupal, 40 Tribes is laying the groundwork to facilitate backcountry ski touring with local accommodation in the Tien Shan Range in Kyrgyzstan. Having spent time in western China (directly south of Kyrgyzstan), I found the idea of traveling and skiing in the Tien Shan Range… Read More

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K2 Ski Factory Tour

The spring issue of Off-Piste included an article on the handmade or boutique ski movement by Don Pattison.  The article looks at the current growth of small ski manufacturers, and it looks at a few of the higher profile operations. You can check out the handmade ski article here. While researching the piece, Pattison spoke with Mike Hattrup from K2… Read More

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La Nina in the Works?

According to the NOAA Climate Prediction Center we transitioned out of the El Nino influence in late May. Although many forecasts still call for a neutral  ENSO effect for the late summer and fall, NOAA says some data is leaning toward the development of a La NIna influence. "The majority of models predict ENSO-neutral conditions (between -0.5oC to +0.5oC in… Read More

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