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Backcountry Skis - testing and news

Backcountry Skis – testing and news

We are working to wrap up our 09-10 ski testing with a few final days of ski comparisons. Basically, we have skied everything, and now we are doing some final side by side comparison skiing. For example, skiing the G3 Tonic side by side with the K2 Coomback, the new Dynafit Mustag Ata side by side with the Ski Trab… Read More

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Off-Piste - The Backcountry Skier


          I just posted the current season’s issue as PDF’s on the site. All back issues of the mag are available online as PDF’s. To help encourage you to subscribe, we wait until our publishing season is over before posting the current season’s issues. We now have ten years of Off-Piste Mag available online for your… Read More

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Oh Canada!

Hut Skiing

LODGE: noun; Etymology: Middle English loge, from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German louba porch. 13th century 1. a rude shelter or abode 2. a house set apart for residence in a particular season (as the hunting season)   HUT: noun; Etymology: French hutte, from Old French hute, from Old High German huttahȳd skin, hide. 1655 hut;… Read More

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Altai Skis - Nils Larsen

Powder Creek – Altai skis

While I was up at Powder Creek in British Columbia, Nils Larsen took an afternoon to test out a pair of Altai skis that he built in the traditional style of skis from the Altai Mountains of China. If you have not heard about Nills’ trips to the Altai Mountains and his building of Altai skis, check here for an… Read More

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Big Mountain Little Skier - dropping into happy valley - powder creek lodge BC

Scarpa Spirit 3 vs. Spirit 4

I am back to the ski testing regime at Mt Hood following a week of ski touring up at Powder Creek Lodge in BC. Our week at Powder saw the move to spring weather. North slopes stayed cold and dry while solar aspects began the spring transition. I skied the Scarpa Spirit 3 and Spirit 4 boots while up at… Read More

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