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Avalanche Story

A friend just sent a link to the video embedded below. It is a firsthand account of an avalanche scenario in the Montana backcountry. The story is educational and sobering. The clip is pretty long (30 minutes) but is a compelling account of a day in the backcountry that turned tragic despite a high level of experience within the group.

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skiers of the altai

Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan

In March of 2005, I travelled to the Altai Mountains in Central Asia with Nils Larsen and Naheed Henderson. Located in the northern most reaches of China, bordering Russia, Mongolia and Kazahkstan, the Altai are home to a network of semi-nomadic people. The people of the Altai are a mix of Central Asian cultures and live a simple life based… Read More

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Sol Mountain Lodge, Monashees BC

Sol Mountain, The Monashees

I spent the Holidays up in the Monashees at Sol Mountain Lodge. It was my third year of trips to Sol in December. These guys seem to have a super reliable early season snowpack. The snow at the lodge measured three meters when we arrived and it snowed every day we were there. Aside from from the trail breaking issues… Read More

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