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100% Organic Cotton Off-Piste Ball Caps

Off-Piste ball caps

Finally, after years of being asked for them, we now have Off-Piste ball caps. In keeping with current trends these babies are 100% organic cotton and come in two earth friendly colors, brown and jungle. We have two styles, regular ball cap style and corps style. Git ’em while they last – $16 includes shipping order here

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The Monashees

I have been out of the computer loop for 10 days and what a great ten days it was. Santa smiled on our crew up at Sol Mountain Lodge in British Columbia’s Monashee Range. For the third year running, Sol Mountain has served up some fine December powder skiing. We measured the snowpack at over 3 meters when we arrived… Read More

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Three-Pin Simplicity

We used the various "free-pivot" telemark bindings for a good part of last season and have continued using them into this season. I have been psyched with the results. Now that they exist, it is hard to believe that it took this long for free-pivot systems to evolve. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that free-pivot or touring bindings evolved because of beefy plastic… Read More

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